Business areas


To automate factories and industrial processes is to connect devices and equipment in order to increase productivity and reliability of control. This results in lower operation cost, higher product quality, more flexibility in procedures, and lower environmental impact. The fabrication and manufacturing industries are some of Vietnam’s fastest growing and most demanding sectors, and ETEK is proud to offer enterprises and businesses our total automation solutions to improve productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Education and vocational training

Educational equipment and automation education are ETEK’s departments that aim to provide institutions with equipment and labor that meets the requirements of the industries. ETEK also develops in-house members, with training programs and automation development that build the foundation for creating better solutions.

Civil industry

ETEK provides many solutions and equipment for civil use, such as: automated parking system, automated vending machine, and electronic vehicle’s charging solutions. We continuously strive to update our products to benefit the daily lives of others by being smarter and eco-friendlier.

ETEK Ecosystem

ETEK is a part of the Tan Phat ETEK ecosystem with 7 companies and totalling over one thousand employees, branching all over Vietnam and providing solutions to various industries such as automotive, furnace and exhaust systems, welding, surface treatment, … The ecosystem is what enables us to become the leading general contractor for numerous large-scale projects.