Civil industry
ETEK provides many solutions and equipment for civil use, such as: automated parking system, automated vending machine, and electronic vehicle’s charging solutions. We continuously strive to update our products to benefit the daily lives of others by being smarter and eco-friendlier.
ETEK is the leading automated parking system developer. With cutting-edge technology and a well-seasoned team of experts, ETEK provides the automated parking solution that guarantees functionality, safety and comfort, without breaking the bank. Automated parking, puzzle parking, parking management, and lifting systems are some of our most notable technologies, utilizing smart sensors with special algorithms that maximize the parking space.
The EV industry is a promising sector that grows as our society's demand for environmentally friendly vehicles increases. ETEK caught this wave of innovation, and became a leading supplier of EV chargers with various models that all excel above the competition with fast charging speed, high efficiency, and easy and safe operations
The TEKLIFE automated vending machine is a staple in ETEK’s lineup, and aims to provide solutions that benefit daily lives. ETEK always focuses on developing new models of vending machines with various advantages that stand out.