To automate factories and industrial processes is to connect devices and equipment in order to increase productivity and reliability of control. This results in lower operation cost, higher product quality, more flexibility in procedures, and lower environmental impact. The fabrication and manufacturing industries are some of Vietnam’s fastest growing and most demanding sectors, and ETEK is proud to offer enterprises and businesses our total automation solutions to improve productivity and gain a competitive edge.
ETEK has designed and developed solutions for automated assembly for various industries such as automotive production, electronics, and metallurgy. Our automation solution packages offer the latest technology and the best reliability to ensure a competitive edge for our customers. The solutions we provide come with design and implementation by Vietnamese engineers who will be by our customers’ side throughout operation and production.
ETEK is a proven supplier of fabrication lines, with specialized design and application for different operations required by our trusted partners. ETEK always promises to provide the best fitting solutions for businesses’ needs, guaranteeing ease of control for operations that will lead to heightened productivity, quality and flexibility for each and every fabrication process. Areas that we have experience in include metallurgy, plastic production, electronics, and more.
ETEK is the leading supplier of automated packaging solutions, designing and providing the complete automated package that suit every requirement of each factory. Serving as both the supplier and a long-term partner for our customers, we promise cost-effective solutions with the highest standards of goods and packages.
As technology advances, various industries increasingly require the automation of robotic applications to both increase productivity and assure safety in the workplace. ETEK is a proud provider of robotic applications for assembly, fabrication, packaging, … in collaboration with top-notched robotics companies like ABB. EPSON, and Schneider.
ETEK provides the total intralogistic solution, including automated lifting system, smart storage system, and material processing system.
ETEK aims to provide the best solutions in assistance to building and developing smart factories. Some of our products include: IOT system, VR system to monitor equipment (AOA), Manufacturing Execution System (MES)