ETEK has completed the production and installation of the semi-automatic parking system project with 1,000 mechanical parking positions at the Symphony complex after nearly 7 months of construction.
Vinhomes Symphony complex includes 5 apartment towers and 1 office tower with a scale of 1,500 apartments, possessing a unique internal landscape and top amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, children's playground, and activity yard. Sports activities, etc. The most special thing to mention is the automatic parking system with a scale of nearly 1,000 mechanical parking positions arranged in 2-story and 3-story configurations, using 2-layer and 3-layer blocks.
bai do xe tu dong

Customer requirements

Vinhomes Symphony - The luxury apartment complex adjacent to Vinhomes Riverside is located at the intersection of two routes: Chu Huy Man and Hoi Xa, the widest and most beautiful road in Long Bien district with eight lanes. This is also a prime location, in the central area of ​​the urban area. Owning a home at Vinhomes Symphony, residents can save significant time traveling to locations in the downtown area. Hanoi city as well as neighboring provinces and cities.
In addition to geographical location factors, facilities are always the top factor for customers to decide to invest in buying an apartment. Having the advantage of geographical location, what investors are most interested in right now is how to bring customers the latest amenities and technology so that customers feel secure, comfortable, and happy when returning. Become a member of the Vinhomes community.
With a total parking area of ​​the apartment complex of 19,000 m2, according to the standard parking lot size, the building can store about 400 - 450 parking spots, so it cannot meet the storage needs. Vehicle storage for 1,500 apartments. The investor needs an effective smart parking solution that can improve vehicle storage efficiency and the number of parking spots for all residents and visitors. An effective solution so that residents do not need to park their cars in remote and unsafe parking lots

ETEK's solution: Automatic parking lot with 2-story and 3-story technology 

  • Address: Chu Huy Man Street, Phuc Loi Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi
  • Category: Design, supply, and installation of automatic parking systems
  • Technology: Puzzle
  • Volume: 910 mechanical parking positions
  • Highlights: 2-layer and 3-layer puzzles, using 2-layer and 3-layer blocks. This is the largest smart parking lot in Vietnam today.
  • Deployment time: 210 days
  • Year of implementation: 2020
As the first automatic parking project under the Vinhomes brand, also the largest-scale project ETEK has ever deployed with 910 mechanical parking positions, Vinhomes Symphony has opened up a modern and fulfilling life. enough amenities for future residents.
Installing nearly 1,000 mechanical parking positions in 3 months is a big challenge for ETEK but with enthusiasm, dedication to work, and extensive professional experience in implementing large and small projects. ETEK has completed the challenge, and now the system is operational and has received many positive feedback from customers.
Automatically designed with 2-layer and 3-layer parking blocks, residents can now easily store/retrieve their cars every day easily and quickly, without having to struggle to find a parking space like in parking lots. traditional car. Customers just need to press a button, the system will automatically operate to put the car into the space, saving time and effort for customers. Equipped with sensors and safety systems, residents can safely park their cars at Vinhomes without worrying about vehicle damage, scratches, and theft.

Is it easy to manage nearly 1,000 parking locations?

With a traditional parking lot, managing nearly 1,000 car parking positions, not to mention motorbikes, bicycles, etc., causes many difficulties and takes a lot of time and effort for the investor. At the same time, it does not ensure security, easily causing theft of vehicles and vehicle parts, negatively affecting the image of the residential area.
The intelligent machinery system and control software programmed by ETEK engineers help operators easily control and improve vehicle maintenance more effectively.
Parking lot management software can count the number of vehicles entering and exiting daily, controlling the number of vacant spaces, and saving time and effort for both operators and vehicle drivers.
Investors can easily manage and calculate revenue by day, month, and year and provide data when needed with an easy-to-use user-friendly control interface, providing regular and continuous statistical reports.

Results achieved: What benefits does the automatic parking lot with puzzle technology bring to investors?

Bãi đỗ xe tự động lớn nhất Việt Nam tại Vinhomes SymphonyBãi đỗ xe tự động lớn nhất Việt Nam tại Vinhomes Symphony

  • Optimize area: 2-story and 3-story automatic layout systems help optimize the use of parking areas. Vehicles are stacked on top of each other with a sturdy rack system, reducing the space required for each vehicle.
  • Easy management of 910 parking locations: The system can automatically store and provide relevant information about parking lot usage, and effectively manage and make decisions based on statistical data.
  • Increased efficiency: Residents can save time and effort by not having to search for a parking space. They just need to go to the parking lot and wait for the automatic system to work.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Although initial investment costs may be high, over the long term, automated puzzle parking systems can reduce operating costs due to reduced labor requirements and increased efficiency. use area.
  • Reduce Environmental Pollution: By reducing travel time and searching for parking, the automatic parking system helps reduce traffic flow and emissions, contributing to reducing environmental pollution.


Others Projects

ETEK Participates in providing training equipment solutions for electrical professions - at Hanoi Polytechnic University, this is an activity within the Higher Education Quality Improvement Project (SAHEP) sponsored by the World Bank.

Introduction to the School of Electricity and Electronics

The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Hanoi University of Science and Technology is one of the most important and prestigious faculties. This department specializes in the fields of electronic engineering, telecommunications, industrial electricity, automation, and other information technology applications.

The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering offers diverse majors such as Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology, along with many other specializations. The industry delves into specific areas within the electrical and electronics technology industry.

Students at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering are often trained not only in specialized knowledge but are also encouraged to participate in research projects, practice, and cooperate with domestic and foreign businesses and organizations.

Introducing the SAHEP Project - improving the quality of higher education in Vietnam

The SAHEP project at Hanoi University of Science and Technology has a total investment of 50 million USD, with an implementation period from 2018 to 2022. SAHEP project director said, “SAHEP will accompany the development of Hanoi Polytechnic through investment activities in facilities, classrooms, lecture halls, and laboratories. New equipment for students and lecturers is expected to help improve the quality of teaching and learning. This is the top priority of Hanoi Polytechnic as well as of SAHEP.”
School and project requirements set for ETEK
ETEK is the unit that won the bid for the SAHEP project. ETEK is also a pioneer in providing training equipment solutions for technical training schools across the country.
During the project implementation process, the Project Board of Directors and the School Leadership Board had many unique requirements for the ETEK team to design and implement the project.
Project requirements for training practice room:
Complete and versatile: The practice room needs to have enough space and equipment to perform various electrical and electronic experiments and projects.
Safety: Ensure that the practice room complies with necessary safety regulations, and has isolation systems, accident prevention measures, and equipment to protect users.
Project requirements for products and equipment:
High quality: Requires the use of high-quality equipment to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the experiments or projects performed.
Integration: Equipment needs to be compatible and well-integrated with each other to support the learning and research process effectively.
Suitable for the lesson: Equipment requirements must be consistent with the teaching content, from basic equipment to advanced tools, helping students access and apply knowledge practically.
Requirements for design and supply contractors:
Must be a reputable, capable unit and meet the practice room construction schedule to ensure project completion within set goals.
These requirements will support the construction of the best practical learning environment for students learning about electricity and electronics while ensuring safety and quality during practice and research.
Difficult times and solutions to overcome ETEK's difficulties
During the process of working with the Project Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors of the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Polytechnic University, as well as in researching, designing, and completing the project, ETEK encountered many difficulties and challenges, but always try our best to complete the set tasks:
Every step of ETEK is always careful and carefully considered from generating ideas, continuous review meetings, editing designs as required, and finalizing specific solutions for complete planning. That is the method for ETEK to overcome difficulties in reality. 
Achievements ETEK achieved
ETEK has successfully researched, designed, and built several practice rooms in the project such as:
  1. Electrical and Electronics Circuit Laboratory
  2. Power Electronics and Converters Laboratory
  3. Electromechanical system control laboratory
  4. Measurement and Sensor Engineering Laboratory
  5. Laboratory of Electrical Machines and Electromechanical Transformations
  6. Laboratory of executive structures
  7. Control engineering facility laboratory
  8. Project 1.2 (Mechanical and mechatronic system design)
  9. CDT practice and manufacturing workshop
  10. Auxiliary Section
  • Laboratory of Electrical Machines and Electromechanical Transformations
  • Laboratory of executive structures
  • Control engineering facility laboratory
  • CDT practice and manufacturing workshop
  • Lab tests programming and simulation modules on models
The practice rooms have full functions and tasks:
  • Provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge learned in the classroom into practice through hands-on exercises and projects.
  • The practice room supports the training of practical skills needed for engineering, from working with equipment to problem-solving.
  • Provides space for research and testing of new ideas, projects, or technologies in the field of engineering.
  • Make sure students are trained in lab safety rules and know how to manage risks while working with equipment.
Building a training room brings many practical benefits:
  • Helps students better understand how technical equipment works, thereby enhancing practical knowledge.
  • Allows students to learn from real-life experiences, increasing problem-solving and creativity.
  • Support to prepare students before entering the real work environment after graduation.
  • Students are trained in a real-world environment that can enhance their competitiveness and performance in the engineering industry.
  • The training practice room at the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology plays an important role in developing and improving the quality of technical education, preparing students well for future jobs, and promoting advancement in industry and technology. 
The training practice room at the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology plays an important role in developing and improving the quality of technical education, preparing students well for future jobs, and promoting advancement in industry and technology.



Our journey with Unilever factories in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines is a story of creating products, sustainable and professional automation solutions for consumer goods production lines. 

Tu Hoa is Vietnam's leading total automation solution provider and aims to reach out to the world with product quality and prestige first, ETEK has reached out to Vietnam to accompany Unilever at factories in Southeast Asia such as Unilever Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. We automatically offer customers a high-speed bottle supply solution of 180 products/minute, ensuring hygiene, safety, and aesthetics…

Global Factory

Unilever is a long-standing global international brand, their products appear in 200 countries worldwide. Along with the development of the sales supply chain, there are requirements for production capacity as well as consumer goods production lines globally. ETEK accompanies factory customers in Southeast Asia to build a chain of factories to solve problems:

- Rudimentary machinery system, automation does not meet the general standards of the global system.

- Errors in the production process are still many due to worker manipulation.

- Low productivity caused by artisanal production.

- Quality management and supervision system.

Our customers needed to build a global manufacturing system with common standards for all factories worldwide.

ETEK Companion

Understanding the needs of the factory as well as promoting the strength of being a total automation solution provider, ETEK confidently accompanies customers to build consumer goods production lines for global factories. Solve difficult decision-maker problems by offering specific possible solutions to each problem.

Picking robot system - Delta Robot

The fully automatic high-speed bottle and bag picking robot system provided by ETEK provides a comprehensive solution for providing bottles, cans, bags, bags... filling systems, and Feed ingredients into container products. We provide customers with high-speed equipment reaching 180 products/minute to solve productivity problems for consumer goods factories. In addition, it also brings many other benefits such as:
- Automating and connecting the overall production line of consumer goods.
- Guaranteed productivity.
- Minimize errors.
- Improve hygiene standards.

Case packer system - Case packer

Following the production stage is the process of packaging the product, as well as placing the product in a case packer with the required quantity and exact method for each box, which is always a problem for any manufacturing factory. any consumer goods. With increasingly strict standards and the fastidiousness of consumers, just one missing box can cause serious consequences to the brand's reputation and brand. Therefore, introducing the case packer system into the consumer goods production line also brings many advantages to the factory.
- Automatic wire connection.
- Arrange specifications accurately and flexibly.
- Ensuring packaging quality.

Palletizing system - Robot palletizer

Consumer goods are urgent products, so transportation needs to be fast and ensure high safety throughout the process, even though the factory has a production, packaging, and delivery plan for each quarter and each year. months but the risks for this are always hidden. The palletizer robot system almost completely solves the problem of speed as well as high safety standards for the factory's production line of consumer goods.
- Total automation.
- Working continuously 22/24 hours.
- Flexible pallet arrangement.
- Limit workers' hard labor.
- Increase packaging safety.


Consumer goods production line

Building a production line of consumer goods according to common systems and global standards is the ultimate goal that our customers aim for and is also ETEK's companion motto. Initial results have been recorded: "Unilever builds a smart factory to digitize the production supply chain" is the pride and result achieved after efforts to automate the factory. Based on extremely practical solutions such as the picking robot system - Delta Robot, case packing system - Case packer, palletizing system - Robot palletizer .... as well as other automatic lines have brought about success. Trust and ensure the quality of ETEK's products with customers.



ETEK with experience in providing total solutions for the automotive industry from production to service has participated in projects in Vietnam's largest electric car and electric vehicle battery factory complex.